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RAIDERS styles
All along 2019 we located and we’ve been collecting info about 3 surviving screen-used Raiders jackets, and we had new revelations about it. We learned specific details on the leather, like the thickness, the texture and the markings on it, the actual hardware used on them, the correct lining, and many inner construction details which can’t be seen in the films, or in any production BTS pic.
Having all the detailed info on the screen-used Raiders jackets, we were able to source the materials.
Leather, lining, buckles. All set.
And of course, we have now the most accurate patterns ever offered to a fan community.

---> "The MAIN HERO jacket"
The jacket that can be seen in most of the scenes: Inside the Hovito Temple, Raven Bar, Well of Souls, Flying Wings Fight.
(Striated Lambskin: US$650 / Cowhide: US$390)

---> "The TRUCK HERO jacket"
This jacket can be spotted during the "Truck chase scene" from the moment when Indy gets shot on the left arm, is thrown through the windshield and hangs on the Mercedes Benz star, to finally take control of the truck again.
(Grainy Lambskin: US$650 / Cowhide: US$390)

---> "The HAWAII HERO jacket"
The very same jacket we can see in the first scenes of the movie. Exploring through a misty jungle, using his bullwhip to disarm his traitorous guide, and right before entering the Hovito's temple.
(Grainy Lambskin: US$650 / Cowhide: US$390)

---> "The BANTU WIND dock HERO jacket"
This particular jacket can be briefly seen in the dockside scenes, before watching our heroes board a pirate ship.
(Grainy Lambskin: US$650 / Cowhide: US$390)

Based on the Noel Howard's jacket. The most known screen-used jacket, among Indy fans.
We offer this beautiful jacket replica on the accurate leather, original buckles type and correct lining.
The pattern it's the same of the one worn by the leading actor in many scenes of the movie.
Remember, you can get this jacket already distressed as seen in this awesome film.

(Lambskin: US$650 / Cowhide: US$390)

On April 2018, we had the privilege of having access to a private study session at the Smithsonian Museum vault, on the original screen-used LAST CRUSADE jacket in possession of the museum.
That jacket is mainly seen in the "Tank chase" scenes.
Precise measurements, detailed HD pictures, and all construction details where carefully recorded.
With all the materials necessary, we can safely say that we offer the most accurate replica of this jacket.

(Lambskin: US$650 / Cowhide: US$390)

Having in our hands an original jacket, made by the same company that supplied the film's production, we were able to replicate it in every detail.
This is the jacket that Indy wears in the fourth installment of the saga.

(Cowhide: US$390)

Our jackets are custom tailored.
On sizing, once we process your order, we'll ask you for several measurements.
We'll work those measurements together, so we can create your own jacket pattern. A pattern for you that leaves nothing to chance.
We will check all specs with you, PRIOR to start the making process.


The mentioned hides are our recommended options.
Other leathers options are available.


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